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Annie-Joy writes: The Shine In Challenges. Part 3 

The reason why you should be positive for no reason is because everything concerning your life is to give a positive result. What is your challenge? What seem unbearable? What is weighing you down?
Be encouraged and motivated that indeed everything work together for their good to them that love God. That challenges you are going through isn’t meant to break you but to make you. You are being challenged or going through challenges because you are a participant that God has got a confident in you that you are going to decide your superiority by fighting a good fight with the help of the Holy Spirit.
You are not a mistake for going through whatever you are going through. It is for a good shine only if you will give the chance to see the beauty in those challenges. The challenges after overcome will make God shine and you shine. The emergence of testimonies are from challenges. What is a testimony without a challenge. Don’t you think it’s about time you give challenges some good treats? and be positive for no reason?
Below are some shines in challenges:
• you don’t grow when things are easy instead you grow when you face challenges.
•When you face difficulty time, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you but they are sent to increase, promote and strengthen you.
• Challenges brings unto you opportunities.
•Challenges makes up your story and gives you testimonies.
•Bible personalities that has got challenging figures in their story you need to read in order to understand the shine in challenges. ( Abraham, Noah, Moses and Israel, Job, Esther, Joseph, David and Jephthah )
Always, know God doesn’t give little fight to big soldiers. And the best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched but they must be felt with the heart. Motivate yours that difficult challenges leads to great opportunities.
Encourage yourself with the greatness you see in you and remind yourself that, you have never seen a great man with an easy past because people with high assurance in their capabilities approach the difficult task as challenges to be mastered rather than as threats to be avoided. Ask yourself, am I not great? Don’t I want to matter? What is matter then? Matter is anything that has weight and can occupy space. Listen, you cannot occupy space with your weight without challenges.
Everything has a beauty but not everyone sees it. Say a word of prayer,
Dear God, open my eyes to see the beauty in my Challenges.
Be motivated from today that challenges are in to make you shine therefore be positive for no reason.
Only positive attitude will cause you to see the beauty in challenges.
Writer: Annie~Joy

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