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Bullet Caught Digging Out Wendy Shay’s Career In Bed


Nana Agyemang,popularly known as Bullet was caught naked in bed with wendy shay(the late ebony’s replacement).The woman is said to be an ex-lover of Bullet who had flown in from Europe to surprise him only to be met with the unpleasant surprise of the singer naked in bed with her manager.

The source said on June 1, 2018, they were at the Sowutuom Police Station to bail an inmate when they saw Bullet head into the station followed by a fair lady to lodge a complaint.

The source alleged that they saw Wendy Shay in the backseat of Bullet’s car looking very disturbed as the complaint was being made.

Further investigations by the source revealed that Bullet had been caught by the woman in question with the singer Wendy Shay in bed naked, to which Wendy denied.

The almost two minutes blared video captures Bullets ex-girlfriend expressing her disappointment after catching the two naked in bed.


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