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My Church is growing unbelievably in the US – Sonnie Badu


Ghanaian UK-based gospel icon Sonnie Badu says his church is growing unbelievably well in the United States of America.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Sonnie Badu disclosed that, he started the church some five months ago and the population is about almost 300 members.

He added that, it is not easy managing a church but he enjoys every bit of it. “It is not been easy since I started but I am just doing what God told me to and I’m enjoying every bit of it”.

The Gospel icon furthered that, it has been difficult combining family and church since his family lives in the United Kingdom, he however added that he visits his family more often but just keep it privately. “I’m always in London I just don’t tell the world I’m in London, I was there two weeks ago and I spent 10 days and nobody knows it, so I just keep it private but yeah God prepared us for this moment and so I’m actually humble to be use in this entire season”.

Asked whether he trains his voice? Dr. Sonnie Badu noted that, he doesn’t train his voice.”If I tell you no I don’t, you wouldn’t believe it but I don’t do voice training, I’m a very discipline person I don’t eat any meat, diary products, coke, fanta because I have to preserve my voice that’s why I don’t talk a lot, so a lot goes in preserving my voice” he noted.


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